COVID 19 Information

To our clients,

As we continue to navigate our way through COVID, we first wanted to say “thank you so much!” for your patience with our curbside medical care. You can select curbside care or return to our clinic for in person appointments.  Let our staff know when you schedule your appointment what you prefer.  For curbside appointments, please call 970-328-5444 or 970-926-1812 to let us know you are here. If you chose to come into the hospital (provided the client(s) is not exhibiting symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19 within the previous 14 days), we recommend masks for unvaccinated clients.

Thanks for your continued patience. Our priorities continue to be providing excellent care for your pets and excellent service for our clients while still protecting the health of our clients and our staff.

The staff and Doctors at Castle Peak Veterinary Service